#BraveSurvivor, Managing the Cancer Battle featuring Courtney, Childhood Cancer Survivor

THE WHAT? SERIES: Managing the Cancer Battle featuring Courtney, Childhood Cancer Survivor,
P.N.E.T. Ewings Sarcoma, Primitive Nuero Ectodermo Tumor
() December 20th 2014

THE WHAT? SERIES is a non-profit cancer education web series presenting raw, honest questions and answers constructed in the hope of removing some of the fears around cancer and empowering the viewer with knowledge and understanding. In this series you will be introduced to cancer fighters, medical professionals and caregivers from all walks of life sharing their experiences and their understanding in the support of others.

This program is an extension of the feature film WHAT THE F@#- IS CANCER AND WHY DOES EVERYBODY HAVE IT?. Both were created by filmmaker Allison W. Gryphon in response to her April 2011 stage 3a breast cancer diagnosis. THE WHAT? SERIES is brought to you by THE WHY? FOUNDATION.

On the 20th of each month, twenty-five episodes of The What? Series will be posted to The Why? Foundation’s You Tube page. One webisode per day will be featured on The Why? Foundation’s Facebook page and sent out via Twitter.

Written, Directed and Edited by Allison W. Gryphon
Producer by Justin Stirling, Alan Caudillo, Mary Elizabeth Gentle, Alia Tarraf & Allison W. Gryphon
Associate Producers: Jacqueline Reyno & Amanda Weir

For more information visit us at www.thewhyfoundation.org

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